What can you do for us?

Balak Palaka Yojana

Balak Palak Yojana

You can opt for Balak Palak Yojana where you can Sponsor a child’s annual educational fee. Annual fee for per child is Rs. 5000/-. We have in all 175 students in our school. You can adopt as many children as possible.

female employment

     Our girl students need a secure & protective work place. We have started employing girl students as teacher Assistants & we need Sponsorors to fund their salaries. The Annual salary of per student is Rs. 12,000/-. There are in all 8 Female employees. 

Sponsor a Stipend

4 of our X-school students are working as assistants in Vocational production unit. We have been giving them a stipendof Rs. 1000/- monthly. The total sponsorship required for each student on yearly basis is Rs 12,000/- and for 4 students is Rs. 48,000/- yearly.

Yoga Mats

We have yoga and exercises period included in our school curriculum wherein we have 40 minutes session for each group of students. We require 30 yoga mats for practicing yoga for our students. Cost of each yoga mat is Rs. 550/- . Total cost will be 550 x 30 = Rs. 16,500/-


We celebrate all occasions in our school such as Diwali, Christmas, Children’s Day, Dandiya, Holi etc by giving snacks, food and gifts to students. You can help us by sponsoring any of the occasions or all. Total expense for each of the occasion is around Rs.10,000/-.

Educational Aids

 A child learns best through firsthand experience. We require educational aids such as Toys, Charts, Puzzles etc. for encouraging cognitive development in the children. Expenses for these
Educational aids comes to around Rs. 40,000/- 

Nutritious snacks

We provide a nutritious snack to students 3 times in a week which helps improve their energy level and provides them with appropriate nutrition. We give them fruits, chikki, jaggery with chana, soup, soyabean/Nachani kheer etc. The approximate cost of this project if Rs. 15,000/- for 1 month and Rs. 90,000/- for 6 months.


     You can also help us by sponsoring picnic for 150 students in & around Mumbai by making available
Accommodation, transportation etc is also welcome. Overall cost of the picnic is about Rs.100000/- for 2 days and Rs. 50,000/- for 1 day.

We will be happy to have you visit our institute on any working day from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 4pm.We are sure if you see the children in action as it will help them understand the problem of these families. For any further details or queries you can contact Mrs. Savita Jawale (Principal) / Miss. Tejal Tirodkar at 022 28727024  /  28747857